The Preppy Wallpaper Rage [And Why It's You] | Wallsauce NL (2024)

The Preppy Wallpaper Rage [And Why It's You] | Wallsauce NL (1)


There's a new concept taking the home furnishing world by storm and it's causing quite a stir. But friends, don't let the name fool you - 'preppy interiors'. It's not just about American student culture and everything red, white and blue.

While nautical tones are a strong theme, there's much more to the preppy look. This trend is about personalization, so it appeals to every personality type. Preppy decor, preppy wallpaper prints and preppy color palettes are perfect for those who want to follow a structure...but also want a little flair. And the bolder, the better!

Here are some of the key features of a preppy interior… features that make this trend so fun and loved by everyone (including you).

You can experiment with patterns

The Preppy Wallpaper Rage [And Why It's You] | Wallsauce NL (2)

Mural in the photo:Oriental Red and White Pattern

When it comes to preppy, loud is the way to go. For those of us who have always wanted to try new wallpaper trends but never had the guts to just do it, now is your time to shine.

Experimenting with preppy wallpaper is very liberating. It gives you the perfect excuse to go for thatwilde safariprintthat you have had your eye on for a while, or for those shabby flowers you saw at Susan's house last month.

Uniformity in wall coverings is key when it comes to getting the preppy style right, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't deviate from the rules when you see a mural you love. Geos are a clear winner, but complicated designs such aschinoiserie or Japanese artare also a charm.

Color is your best friend

The Preppy Wallpaper Rage [And Why It's You] | Wallsauce NL (3)

Mural in the photo:Floralario

Another reason why preppy works for every type of homeowner is because color rules. And by color we mean any color. It doesn't have to be blue and white or nautical. Every color palette or color combination is celebrated with preppy decor.

That's why flowers are such a popular choice when it comes to rocking this trend like a pro.Botanical designsembrace nature's versatile and multicolored aesthetic, and can be a complete medley of shapes, hues and textures.

Flowers also embody all-American preppiness, exuding elegant, laid-back country chic. Wall coverings that attract attention, such as this colorful Floralario mural fromGabriela Larios, are ideal for giving the room you have in mind a high-contrast touch.

Preppy wallpaper options are endless

The Preppy Wallpaper Rage [And Why It's You] | Wallsauce NL (4)

Mural in the photo:Vintage Curls

This is one of the main reasons why preppy interior design is such a hit. Because the wallpaper comes to the fore. We all admire those bold and daring murals, but there is always the risk that it is a step too far.

By putting wallpaper at the center when it comes to prints and patterns, it is possible to strike a good balance between sleek and maximalist - a trend thatwill define our era!

It's about finding that balance, because preppy still has a certain neatness and purity, even if the patterns are vibrant and exciting. When wall coverings take a more central place in your interior design concept, you can explore a whole range of styles, even things you've never dared to try before!

Luxury and pleasure go hand in hand

The Preppy Wallpaper Rage [And Why It's You] | Wallsauce NL (5)

Mural in the photo:Beautiful Wildlife

An important characteristic of preppy home interiors is combining luxurious elements with elements that radiate your playful personality. Animal wallpaper and intricate jungle patterns are a great addition for that reason.

The more detailed the design, the more luxurious it can feel. From fur and feather motifs to safari animals living in sophisticated surface patterns, there are so many ways you can have fun and enjoy the process.

This exotic wallpaper Beautifully Wild by Julia Fonnereau is a grown-up version of our imagination. It brings together the class of dark jungle illustrations with the majestic tiger. A beast that appeals to our more adventurous selves.

It's all about your inner child

The Preppy Wallpaper Rage [And Why It's You] | Wallsauce NL (6)

Mural in the photo:Soul Birds Flamingo

What we admire most about this home decor trend is the way it brings back your youth and reconnects you with everything you loved as a child. There is something innocent about preppy wallpaper and interior design because they allow for uninhibited design techniques.

Start with clean lines, stately-looking furniture and decorations that exude a regal air - the kind of style a posh mother would choose. Think quality. Think luxury. Think of a large house with a white picket fence and a family with 2.4 children. Then contrast this story with wallpaper and upholstery that portray the opposite.

From polka dots and stripes to vintage memories, preppy welcomes all designs. As long as it is daring, and as long as it is your own. If that means thatpink flamingo wallpaperor images of tropicana, go for it. There's no stopping preppy interior design.

The nautical is certainly not the only story here, so if a palette of red, white and blue doesn't appeal to you, let your inner child take the lead.

Polka dots and stripes are decorative staples

The Preppy Wallpaper Rage [And Why It's You] | Wallsauce NL (7)

Mural in the photo:Grey Tartan

If you're comfortable with spots and stripes - and anything that gives a sense of predictability - preppy wallpaper will make your house a home. This is because patterns satisfy the human need for order and because we are naturally programmed to seek out these visuals.

Wallpapers and fabric patterns with geometric lines or soft curves can reassure and calm us. Pattern recognition reveals vital data about our environment, and this helps us make predictions that help us survive. And that's why so many of us find tartan, checks and gingham so comforting.

This classic Gray Tartan wallpaper is the perfect example of preppy, clean and healthy. The neutral tones also make it a great way to dip your toes into this bold trend.

While clean lines like this beautiful check pattern bring order,pick up circles thesharp edges off (literally). Smooth edges in furniture and wallpaper are great for rooms where relaxation is a priority.

What do you think of the preppy interior trend? Share your thoughts and your favorite wallpaper in the comments below!

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The Preppy Wallpaper Rage [And Why It's You] | Wallsauce NL (2024)


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